As parents, we all have our own unique way of tackling the daily challenges that we come across. Most of us are confident enough to make decisions that we know are the best ones for our children. However, it can always be interesting to hear an expert’s view. An insight into what we do and how we act can effect how they feel, grow and develop.

Dr Remo H Largo

Swiss Paediatrician and author

Outdoor play and being given the freedom to take risks are important parts of any childhood. Here, Dr Remo shares his knowledge on how parents can handle these situations and explains why parental support is important for a child's development.

“The grass does not grow faster if you pull it”

Dr Remo often quotes this African proverb which beautifully encapsulates his gentle, nurturing and encouraging approach to bringing up children.
Source: african proverb

“The basic things that children need to thrive, according to Dr Largo…”

“Wellbeing and self-esteem depend largely on whether a child feels secure. At any age, they should feel that they’re not alone and have access to a trusted person. To learn through new experiences, they need to know that they’re looked after, that the world is a safe place. And if they need help and protection? They’ll get it.”
Source: Kinderjahre, Remo H Largo, p. 235

“Dr Largo on letting children play freely…”

It can be tempting to micro-manage our children’s play, but Dr Largo feels that giving them the freedom to decide what they want to do is actually what’s best for them.

“Children learn through experience, not just through acquiring skills and knowledge.”

“A child gains confidence through experiences that he’s chosen. Parents should allow children the freedom to gain the experiences they need for their development.”

“If children follow their curiosity, they will make mistakes, detours and experience failure. But these are the things that help them to develop their own learning strategies and learn to deal with conflict. It’s the learning they do through the things that they chose to do that makes them grow in confidence.”
Source: Kinderjahre, Remo H Largo, p. 265/266

Dr Remo Largo

Dr Largo was born in 1943 in Switzerland. After studying medicine in Zurich he went on to study developmental paediatrics in Los Angeles. His academic work and scientific papers have earned him international respect and meant he’s been presented with several awards in recognition. An author of best selling parenting books, Dr Largo has successfully made his knowledge available and useful to real parents. He is father to three daughters and now lives in the Swiss village of Uetliburg.

“In fact giving children freedom, for example to explore the outside world - can be seen by the child as an expression of love…”

“If the parents trust the children to make decisions on their own, the children recognise this behaviour as affection. They think, “my parents take me seriously – they trust me”.
Source: Kinderjahre, Remo H Largo, p. 265

“Dealing with danger when kids play outside…”

Dr Remo has an interesting and sensible approach to managing risk.

“The mother should intervene only when the child is in danger. The aim is to make the child feel protected and supported. He or she should feel “my mother is there to support me whenever I need, but she’s not restricting me”.
Source: Kinderjahre, Remo H Largo, p. 258

“Dr Largo’s overall philosophy on parenting…”

“To develop, children need love and appreciation. When helping a child to grow and be happy, the mantra should be - always be there for your child”.
Source: Kinderjahre, Remo H Largo, p. 348