As parents we are offered opinions and theories on everything! But when you need advice? There’s nothing better than chatting to other parents. We spoke to some inspiring mums about outdoor play, motherhood and the little tricks they use to comfort their own children.

Claudia W.

Writer and Mum to Frida (4) and Lila (1).

Falling down is part of growing up – and there is nothing like a cuddle from Mum to make things feel better. In her garden just outside Hamburg, Claudia was happy to chat to us about her approach to motherhood and how she comforts her two little girls...

“Is it important for you that your girls have lots of outdoor playtime?”

Absolutely. It’s the reason we moved out of the city! I really think that it builds confidence. Outdoor play is so important for a child’s development, I think.

When we first moved house, my eldest Frida found the grass strange and didn’t want to touch it, but little Lila has been playing outside from when she was tiny. She has just learnt to walk and is so proud of every inch. Spending a lot of time outside has meant she’s adapted brilliantly to the rough terrain! I’ve seen her new-found confidence have a positive affect on other parts of her life, too. She’s handling little problems in her life better than ever before.

It’s the same with Frida, who has just started riding her bike without stabilisers. I’ve noticed her general confidence grow. For a mum it’s a really lovely thing to see!

“What is your philosophy on mothering?”

Knowing when to have an input, and when to take a step back. Of course I am there whenever they need me – but I really feel that it’s important they experience things as individuals too.

Claudia W., 36

Claudia, 36, is an online Journalist and Mum from just outside Hamburg. Her approach to parenting is laid back but loving and she values outdoor play. Claudia’s two little girls Frida and Lila love exploring in the garden with their Mum and Frida has recently learnt to ride her bike!

“How do you comfort your little ones after they’ve had a fall or hurt themselves?”

Well for a start it’s essential to be calm as a mum. No shocked facial expressions! I wait for a second to see if they can deal with it by themselves, but if they can’t, I’m right there. It’s important that the child feels that you’re taking it seriously.

Distraction is a brilliant tool. Getting the child’s attention away from the hurting. One thing I’ve always done is to blow on the sore spot – a trick my Mum used to use on me. This is a classic distraction technique - but it really seems to work! It MUST be magic! And actually, a plaster can be part of that too. My girls love getting a plaster. It makes them feel proud and brave, and having one applied definitely takes their minds off the injury! They like to choose a favourite design from the pack.

It helps with the pain them if they can see past the incident to when things will be better. For instance, I help them think about something fun they’re looking forward to. A friend visiting or something. It can be really simple - remind them that there’s ice cream after dinner!

Comfort is the real key though. The mother-child bond is so strong. Cuddles with Mum make every child feel loved and special. And when a child feels loved and special, they can cope with anything, I think.